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Conures Conure Parrot, Types of Conures


Conure Parrot, Types of Conures

Conure Parrot Picture - Mitred Conures

    Conures are a big parrot in a small package… attractive, talkative, comical, and affectionate!

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   Conures are wonderful pet birds that are members of the parrot family. The word "conure" means cone tail. Small to medium sized conure parrots are found in the new world, throughout the central and southern regions of the Americas.
   Conure parrots are distinguished by their slender bodies and tapered tails, rather than having the stockier bodies and more square-shaped tails found on larger parrots. These dynamic birds are full of energy, very attractive, and make wonderful pets. Conures are very intelligent, they are enjoyed for their delightful personalities, high energy, and comical antics. Being some of the most colorful and playful parrots, they are definitely one of the clowns of the parrot world.
   Conures have all the great qualities of the larger parrots and in many ways are like miniature versions of the Macaws. They are found in many sizes and colors. Their beaks are powerful, they have large heads, and they are adorned in bright colors. They are delightful comics, acrobatic, very social, and having talents for mimicry. A Conure parrot is a good choice for those wanting to step up from a Budgie or Cockatiel but not quite ready for the commitment of a large parrot like a Macaw, African Grey, or Cockatoo.

   Being very outgoing and social, a conure parrot will quickly adapt to its new environment and cage. Because they are smaller parrots, they require less space and are generally less expensive than large parrots. Depending on size, in a good environment they can live up to 15 years for a smaller conure parrot, or up to about 35 years for the larger species. They love attention and make wonderful pets, but can be very vocal.

   The bird guides for each type of conure provides in-depth information about living with them. Housing, care, and feeding requirements are covered along with each bird's behaviors and activity needs. Tips for handling and training conures are also included, along with breeding information.

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