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19 Adorable Bunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out

19 Adorable Bunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out


Have you ever seen a rabbit sticking out their tongue? If so you might be thinking, “somebunny” has an attitude! Rabbits use their heightened sense of smell, vision, and hearing to do more than just be 100% adorable.
The animated expressions that rabbits flaunt to the camera, with eyes looking one way and ears pined another, are symbolic of the rabbits constant attention to surrounding details. The expressive nature of bunnies just adds more cuteness to the already adorable creature.
As if rabbits weren’t cute enough, when rabbits are sticking out their tongues they couldn’t be cuter! While rabbits are incredibly affectionate species that love to lick, there are a number of reasons rabbits decide to hang their pink little tongues out.

As little as they may be, rabbits are complex animals with diverse actions and personalities based on their genetics and environment.
Who knows why each of these adorable rabbits are sticking out their tongues, but how cute are they!?! Here are some of our favorite pictures of bunnies sticking their tongues out—enjoy!
1. Not only do rabbits stick out their tongues, but they also like to communicate vocally sometimes. Often seen as a silent mammal, rabbits actually use different tones that sound like humming to signify messages. For instance, if a bunny makes a low hum while running this is a sign of affection.
2. Rabbits do all sorts of adorable things; they are an intelligent animal that easily becomes bored without entertainment and activity. Perhaps prompting many bunnies to stick out their tongues in protest!
3. Judging by the trees in the background, this picture is not turned sideways, instead this bunny is just dancing side to side with his tongue out.
4. Rabbits stand on their hind legs when they are trying to get a better look at something; perhaps this little rabbit sees a friend up ahead.

5. All face and no tongue with this cute little ball of fur. This bunny sticking her tongue out almost looks like she’s wearing a pair of girly red lips—but no, that’s a bunny tongue!
6. Photographer Steve Creek calls this picture “Rabbit blowing a raspberry.”
7. If you have ever had a rabbit of your own you know how they like to lick. Sure, rabbits are often giving you kisses, but they also like the salty minerals they consume from your skin.
8. Even the big rabbits are getting in on the “Miley Cyrus” action!
10. Besides sticking out their tongues, rabbits also enjoy digging—causing some gardeners to forget just how cute these fur-babies really are!
11.Did you know that in the UK alone there are over 1 million pet rabbits—it’s easy to see why! Not only are rabbits cute but they are also great jumpers, using their long back legs they can leap up to 9.8 feet high!
12. Even out in this wide open field, with no humans or other rabbits to lick this bunny sticks his tongue out with glee!
13. You might not see it at first, but that pink rabbit tongue is there!
14. Meet Sandybunnybun, one of the famous rabbits of Instagram.
15. Camping out in the laundry room, this rabbit gives a little sass to the camera. He is smart enough to know he’s lucky to skip out on the bores of doing laundry!
16. When you balance treats on top of this rabbit’s head, he sticks his tongue out in protest!

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